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CryNN's News

Posted by CryNN - December 2nd, 2022

Good day everyone!

This might be my last post of the year so let me get this year summed up before we go to the announcements<3

When I gave it more thought, 2022 was a complete ride. I've had a ton of incredible experiences, huge letdowns (in both the offline and online worlds), and I achieved some goals through the way. I created a soundtrack for an indie game at the beginning of the year (which was unfortunately cancelled), was offered a residency by a Prague-based collective even before I played my first DJ set in May, participated in a number of NG contests, was appointed a judge for the infamous NGADM, had an amazing experience working on the last SIN album, won Madness Day for the third time, and had my music played all over the world...

These experiences made me realize how much I enjoy making music. I want to thank the people that helped me built my way through this year and the reason i'm writing this is, because I wouldn't have made it this far without them.

Now this isn't the end of the road lol. Prepare to face my ultimate karate chop >.>

TWO ALBUMS AND ONE PRE-ORDER are coming out this month.

Which the first one is slowly, but surely coming out to the public

Some tracks already out:



Made this thing around April-June time?? Had to wait for the remixes till August and finally had it signed around October. I've completely changed the design of the track selection and went completely experimental with some of the tracks. It will include 5 original tracks (1 ambient, 3 hard techno, 1 ghetto electro) and 3 remixes <3 Coming out 13. 12. 2022


Also here's a pic of me playing last weekend in my homeclub :3 Have a nice holidays!


Epic shoutouts to: @RyuuAkito @Kontrakt (and the entire SIN team,) @Krinkels @LD-W (and the NGADM boys.)



Posted by CryNN - September 28th, 2022

Madness Day is over and I also had so much fun watching and listening to some of the submissions this year!

I probably contributed the least work in comparison with previous days but still had fun making it. My tracks for this years Madness Day were for the last episode of SIN (Somewhere In Nevada 3.) I must thank everyone who supported our tracks and was on the premiere with my friends from the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VxM1Wp-onU

Apart from that. I'm announcing a new release including two tracks from SIN 3, Noise Anomaly from SUN, my old tracks and also new ones exclusively made for the collection.

PRE ORDER: https://crydotnn.bandcamp.com/album/fell-echomatism-a-cry-nn-collection



Posted by CryNN - August 31st, 2022



Posted by CryNN - August 9th, 2022

Again here with some massive updates. Im currently grouping up my latest DNB tracks to make an EP that will be availableon Newgrounds only. Ive already got three tracks done. Making a fourth one but i need some motivation for finishing it up lol! I hope it sums up pretty much the summer atmosphere despite it being pretty damn heavy in some parts.


I also gotta thank the NG audio team for frontpaging 4 of my tracks in a row<3 It is so bizzare but heartwarming to see my submissions grow under your spell. thankyouthankyouthankyouu

NEXT UP! Apart from being a bit less active in the summer when it comes to public releases i have a released hard techno podcast under "VIXLATIXN." It is quite a ride must say!

1 hour of ear-piercing hard techno for you

And last but not least! SUN Recap.

Im super happy that Somewhere Under Nevada recieved a ton of praise despite it being a little different. We are slowly but surely packing up our tracks for people to download. I have released my A parts on BC: https://crydotnn.bandcamp.com/album/somewhere-under-nevada-cry-nn



Posted by CryNN - July 25th, 2022

Laddies and gentlegrunts!

I want to announce the release of Somewhere Under Nevada as to celebrate 20 heckin' years of Madness Combat. And oh boy. These years describe how immortal those animations have become. They are STILL RELEVANT!

SUN was made to be a non-canon twist in the SIN series. The SIN team did a great job on following the dark atmosphere of the project, and I tried to add some lore into it. Hope ya'll enjoy it, because I believe that SUN is no less better than our previous albums!

PREMIERE WITH VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIptNk9RI2o (Thank you cheshyre!)

ALBUM STREAMING ON NEWGROUNDS: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1147130

Also. I'm turning 18 as of today. Bonkers to think that im precisely 2 years younger than Madness Combat WTF!




Posted by CryNN - June 22nd, 2022



Next friday i'll be hosting a live stream on Twitch reviewing and scoring NGADM Auditions. I've been chosen by the mighty @LD-W to be the contest judge and I'm very pleased to help him <3

Scoring wont be shown. I'll have a separate desktop to stream and playback your submissions. The stream will be in the usual "Just Chatting" format. I'll be happy to see some of the contestants there, although I possibly wont have the time to play through the whole auditions in one stream.

More news about me are that i'll be playing 15.7 in Prague. In a futuristic club/restaurant venue in the area of a former swimming pool. My next gig will take place at SWIM Club under Materia.fm collective. So if you're around there at the moment, i'd would love you to visit us!

Our headliner is Austrian industrial techno DJ and producer Aida Arko.


MY TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/thatcrynn (will update the profile in the meantime)

Participate in this year's NGADM: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1503324




Posted by CryNN - March 30th, 2022


I've became a resident of a project run by Arturo Legorreta called "Materia.fm". It may look like a collective at first but it is something unique. Just had a meet up with him in Prague and we decided to give Materia.fm a chance to run a monthly podcast series WITH HOSTS. Buckle up because the very first episode includes us two with an interview about the project and us two in general and two mix sets! It will be available on SoundCloud.

The project is not only about monthly podcasts series. We have many ambitions on how to make it bigger. The main plan is to get ourselves on venues in Central Europe. Me starting in my hometown at the end of May ;)

Im also updating the playlist! New tracks from: @Podel1 @SPURME @Midbooze @ReinnOfficialTracks and @djhoohaa




Posted by CryNN - February 13th, 2022

I've been progressing on my name pretty extensively since the start of this year and I also got some great news to share with you.

First of all we finally managed to get a remix VA done with the Techno Farmers which has been released digitally on all streamable platforms just at the end of January. My track can be found here on Newgrounds too! I did the remix way back in June last year when John (who made the original), asked me to remix his tracks.

Another release is an unexpected one. It is also a free download on SoundCloud so if you want to grab it, go check it out. It got released just few days after my remix VA submission out on Argentinian Gomboc Records "untitled series". It got support from Zvrra who has played it on the Rinse FM radio that day! Playback can be found here.

I have currently 5 upcoming and prepared contributions under labels in the spring-summer seasons. One of them is coming out just around the corner on a new Croatian label 3X2U. I'll have my track out alongside my friend's LEKKE and Seventh Sea. They are super talented lads with lots of potential. You might know Seventh Sea from my track "Suck My Beat".

The label got its "label night showcase" at Depo Club in Zagreb. We have one of the private sets recorded by a member of the VA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUk1tQd6lPM

And lastly i want to share my latest mix on my friend's new label out on Soundcloud featuring couple of my unreleased tracks and industrial techno goods hahaha.

Now to change the topic i also updated my Newgrounds playlist! <3

NEW TRACKS FROM: @WaxTerk @triplebarrel @SentryTurbo @SPURME @LD-W @D-Chain @BowTieGd @Aster @POSTELVIS

also happy valentines everyone



Posted by CryNN - January 29th, 2022

Hey i've gathered around 25 tracks of different genres to make an audio playlist. The playlist does not have any track i dislike and i picked them very carefully.

I hope i can maintain it as long as possible, keeping quality tier tracks and the relevance. Hope you'll like my picks!

This playlist features Techno, Experimental, Cinematic, Breakcore, Drum and Bass, Jungle, Dark Electro, Industrial, Progressive House and tracks from:

@Demonicity @Quarl @SentryTurbo @turquoisedeath @triplebarrel @skylikestechno @Mellowsonic @nyxl @yelldow @Orrphoiz @RyuuAkito @Cuizo @FwWFW @SPURME @Dieswyx @WolfgangMiakoda @HenyxNATO @CryptVoice @MoustacheExpress @Lothyde

LIIINK: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/f2f686dbbaf1ec8625ada8ef53456d23



Posted by CryNN - January 19th, 2022

Im proud to announce that the demo of Finest Fable was released last week! And oh boy im super excited to share it with you!

This semi pixel-art adventure is by far the quirkiest, sarcastic and cliche-killing game ive ever played. And its also the first ever game ive contributed that has been delivered on Gamejolt and itch.io! Its gameplay elements are inspired from Dragon Quest and Legend of Zelda however the story is very different.

I would love to hear your take on the demo. Leave a review or share if you like it. It takes about three to five hours to play!

Today ive also uploaded my osts from it so make sure to check them out: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/f09c9ce8e89141389cea138097bafc52

Game links: