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CryNN's News

Posted by CryNN - 1 month ago

All i wanted to say is i wish you happy holidays and happy and healthy new year! This year was something. Well it was something for everyone i suppose. But in the end im happy it turned out better than expected for me and i hope you feel the same as i do

So as a gift i made a small pack of serum presets. There is currently 20 presets in the folder and i hope youll enjoy them! The link for downloading them is in my discord server just to prevent sharing it.

https://discord.gg/4rVyZnR Link to the server with the presets



Posted by CryNN - October 21st, 2020

gosh really? another update? this guy has nothing better to do than just posting updates jesus

I got my lappy repaired and i started working on some huge plans YEAY. First of all i want to tell you that ill be no longer participating on new madness-themed collabs. Ill finish my work on ones that are work in progress (that means Jailbreak: FoH and the Black Berserk series.) That doesnt mean im gonna leave the madness community completely. I still have tons of fun plans with my music buddies and that counts our recent "MadnessFM Collection series" and other fun coop works ;)

I currently joined the Newgrounds Worst Song Contest (i hope ill win haha) and the Half-Life Collab. There will be a teaser showing some of the clips and it will include my track in it.

Solo-wise i have prepared huge things coming up. Firstly im gonna release my tracks for the collection. There are two different tracks. One is actually an acid tekno-techno track with alot of rave motives. Its nothing too special but i made it for just to experience some of the style for my upcoming album. So be prepared to hear more of these later ;) The second one is bit of a different go. Its more experimental than it should be. I got inspired from the old Elfire's tracks and it sounds pretty interesting. There may be a remix coming with it by @Demonicity .

As i mentioned before ill be making a techno album and it will contain atleast 8 tracks i hope. I dont have clear deadline for it but i should start working on it next week. It will be a bit different and it will contain some collaborations. On the first track ill be working with Vaya and i have quiet big expectations. We would aim for huge leads and alot of heavy pumping techno. The whole album will have faster tracks and will all rely on acid. It is a part of one of the "noble gas" albums amongst "Oganesson" and "Xenon". Not gonna spoil the name yet...

On the other side i will have another album released maybe this year under my "StyX" pseudonym. It seems i sticked to the good ol' electro house. It will be an EP but thats all i could really say.

So yeah this is the summary of my plans for this and next year. Heres a picture of my cute setup.iu_183409_6000887.jpg



Posted by CryNN - September 23rd, 2020


I hope you people enjoyed this year's madness day as i did. Its really refreshing to see a big amount of submissions after all those years and i cant argue with any of them.

Ive been on Newgrounds for over 4 years and this has been the best madness day for me EVER! I would also give huge props to Krinkels for doing a reaction stream, ive watched every single second of it and i wasnt bored by watching it for almost like 4 hours. I thank all the people from the SiN-project to having me as a part of it and doing the best for the audio part of our community.

The whole day was an unexpected impact for me. I couldnt get out of the site from all of those notifications popping every damn second and i was really glad from the feedback you guys (and my friends from discord) wrote to me.

Enough talking. Here are my organized lists of submissions for this year's madness day.


I would post first the link for all my submissions that ive made this madness day: https://www.newgrounds.com/search/conduct/audio?match=tags&tags=crynn-md2020

This is the link for the tracks from the SiN album. I also recommend to listen to all of the tracks if you havent. They are such a blast! https://www.newgrounds.com/search/conduct/audio?match=tags&tags=sin-music

Other tracks were made for animations. Here is a playlist for all the tracks from BLACK BERSERK by @blackholestudios https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLopfB1DhBArYoEnEB-18q3fhmcYPGacws

Track from Madness Retribution (got frontpaged yaey!) https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/966069

My track for Gamm3r's incident: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/966327

And a track that i managed to finish with @Patrystyk for Madness: Jailbreak FoH trailer! https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/966379 when this track gets to the audio pools, Pat will take all the prizes. I got so many submissions yesterday and it would be unfair if i got some money off of it.

Also make sure to follow him, he got some really interesting tunes!

Ill also have to mention my Madczech friends. Theyve got some pretty cool submissions with cool tracks aswell! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyRaAFJAJIM



I also will tell that i will be offline for the whole October ;-; i need to get my fucking internal keyboard fixed.

When im off make sure to follow MadnessFM for more tracks from madness musicians. We will be online on that channel. ;)

Thats it folks! Have a nice day!



Posted by CryNN - September 13th, 2020

Madness Day is right over the corner and i cant wait for everyone that has been working on their submissions for this years Madness Day

If you are a musician that is working on a soundtrack or a soundtrack for a madness animation specifically for Madness Day, we are gathering people for a promo channel for madness musicians (or music somewhat related to madness combat in general.)

If we gather enough people, we could get a a huge feedback. All you need is to share your links to your track under our channel MadnessFM.

MadnessFM is a fairly new promotion channel for madness musicians. We promote tracks from madness animations or tracks from musicians related to the community. We are also preparing a collaborative project amongst madness musicians for madness day.

The collab will be released on Cheshyre's channel too.

If you are interested in having your track featured on this channel please send me a DM and we discuss more things ;)

Meanwhile ill send the criteria requirements for having your track released under the channel.




Posted by CryNN - August 31st, 2020

there you got sum

links to digital stores and streaming websites. i also got my tracks on instagram, so if someone wants to take a selfie with my shitty music. yes, you can.


Posted by CryNN - August 27th, 2020

reminder post. i will participate in some pretty nice projects this madness day

also MadnessFM will be uploading some tracks from madness day too, so if you dont wanna miss out something then youll have plenty amount of tracks on youtube aswell ;)


Posted by CryNN - August 2nd, 2020

I would like to introduce you with my biggest concept that ive been working on with people from our madness community!

Were introducing MadnessFM promo channel. Its a channel for madness musicians to post their tracks there and its also for people that just love music from the madness underworld.

Today, we prepared an exclusive premiere to celebrate the opening day of the channel. We made a one hour mixset including the newest madness tracks from people such as fleetwire, Djjaner, PULLMYLEVER and many more! The set will also feature a guest mix full of hardtechno tracks and and also my unreleased tracks.


After the premiere i give a pass to these people that are not in the mixset.

Merct, Air Eyez, Eshio, Zeuraxis, Locknar, MaxKnivets, Whalefat, Crypt Voice, úbehagelige (lokayl), JeffBee and Bailes. IF ANYONE FROM THIS LIST WANTS TO JOIN, PLEASE SEND ME A DM ON DISCORD.

If you want to be live with us just click the bell or join my discord server to get pinged about the stream ;)




Posted by CryNN - July 18th, 2020


Here goes my discord server! It contains not only my announcements, but you can self promote your stuff there too! To obtain the role for self-promotion, you need to be active posting your work in the specified channels. The server itself is a place for every artist and every fan of me out there. Be free to share your thoughts, your work or we can help you when youre having problems with something.

I would have to share links to some madness servers too. Both of these servers host tournaments and everybody can participate them (if they dont have any specific requirements to join.)

YUMI'S SERVER: https://discord.gg/KrUJbey

MY MADNESS SERVER: https://discord.gg/NYyuG6m

Also a little update:


My extended version of Oraculum is in process. I will post a link to Spotify when released on digital stores.

Also im working on more techno and you should expect some collaborative work too, the biggest announcement would be, that i joined a pretty big madness project and its gonna be finished pretty soon! ;)


Posted by CryNN - July 2nd, 2020


Doing a Hardtechno track.. WITH A CLIP

Also ill be no longer accepting requests for madness related collabs. When it comes to solo animations ill think myself if i want to do the track for it or not.

why is that?

I have lots of pre-made stuff right now and i dont want to make more mess with my plans. I also think of leaving the "madness" community the next year so i wont accept any requests coming from the community and i plan to start with other things such as promotion and doing music for some bigger games/movies or games/movies with potential.

Im also sticked to my passion of making techno music and think this is the perfect path to move on *kwink.

Expect some more collaborative tracks this summer but i dont think there be lots of them (as always)

later piss out

also i wouldnt mind if you would follow me on instagram, you have lots of sneak peeks and irl stuff mixed in too so dont miss that!




Posted by CryNN - June 11th, 2020

Go check this out. @MayorDump made a platformer game including music from me and other talented producers!