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Hey lads whats up?

Im currently struggling to find a visual artist for a Various Artists collection were doing with our madness combat musicians. A perfect example is this type of visual with a short intro and a cutscene to the actual visualiser. We are looking for a skilled artist that has experience with after effects, photoshop, adobe animate etc. If you are interested please DM me for more info. The whole collection's theme is built around Tricky the Clown. I was looking for one in the community but sadly nobody responded. If youre not a VA and you want to help us with finiding one i would really appreciate this post to be shared.

Nonetheless the collection has 5 tracks now in total, im still waiting for others to finish.

A quiet big amount of madness community members had been asking for me to make an OST for their animation. As some of you know and for further notice im not accepting ANY requests for OSTs anymore. But if you are struggling to find a musician for your new animation heres a small list of currently active musicians that are worth checking out:

@Lothyde Honestly one of the best picks. He might be hard to catch cuz hes busy at times. Hes momentarily making Cheshcore. Clean tracks. Pure bliss. Top notch production.

@MonoCronic Currently opened for commisions. Cheshcore producer as well. Kind dude with really neat ideas and ambition to make stuff for people. Defo worth asking!

@Patrystyk Also opened for commisions. Hes been pumping out huge stuff in recent months. Probably one of the most asked musicians as well. Has a huge potential for making stuff exactly what you need.

@RyuuAkito Very diligent dude. Perfectionist with a mindset of a director haha. Might take time to finish but im seeing him constantly improving by every track he makes.

@SentryTurbo Nothing to say. Tho you need to be lucky if hes currently into making stuff or not lol

i know there are much more talented producers in our little community. these are the ones i feel theyre really worth to check out

Also yeah huge news ive got into a playlist curated by I Hate Models. Fucking amazing


"We Live in a Society" is out on Spotify (thinking of having "pay how much you want" release on bandcamp)


Private mix. Only techno: https://youtu.be/J88nGLTCpmQ

Currently finishing up a track with @JohnnyGuy. Honestly the best collab turnout ove ever had haha!

Whilst currently focusing of being outside the community ive encountered really kind feedback from all kinds of artists. I really hope everything goes just this way. I have multiple unreleased tracks up my sleeves prepared or sent to labels and i guarantee you that you wont be disappointed by them.

alright peace eheh


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