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bro half star... i cant tolerate such a view from someone whose literally watching porn on the same site 24/7. get yourself a damn review and not a shitpost. this. took months to make.

@Potke stellar work. one of the best pieces today <3

Potke responds:

Thank youuuu <3

cute one

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Extremely similar to other ones, but overall this is good

Easy game

What to say......................this is GoOoOoOOooOOoOOOoOoOod!

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mhhhhhhhhhhhh dude. helvetin hyvä... chillivibez

massive rezz vibes. the bitcrush hits the spot

feedback from a technohead. not common to hear these type of tracks here. its one of the examples why the genre became so underground so i was pretty excited to hear what you have!
the track gives off pretty much dark vibes throughout the entire timeline. you managed to make it consistent. the intro is prolly bit too long for a techno track, but it can be used in mixes as a potential opener if you were aiming for that. it has a neat breakdown at the end of it. good shit
as the drop comes in, the track is essentially getting filled up with more elements. i wish that the kick should be a bit longer and the sub more prominent. it is a bit sharp for my taste and i think it should be a bit milder with the amplitude. i like the groove at 1:50.
one thing that really caught me a bit off guard was the sequence at 02:34. im a bit picky about well known samples and snippets from original tracks but maan. blade theme acid bassline isnt really a thing i needed to hear. ive heard this billion times in other tracks, edits, remixes and it isnt really working.
one thing i know for sure that when im using this sample (i guess it is) from Serum. i turn off every modulation and make/tweak it on my own and add my own melody and automation. (example my latest track.) i hope i helped! pretty excited for more stuff!

SPURME responds:

Yes! thanks for feedback that helped alot also it was like my 1st thing in that genre but im doing now new album so yes thanks!

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Jesus thats super detailed. Great work

Kamikaye responds:

Thx ! :)

Whoa dang that looks soo nice <3

congratz. this is absolute epicness

BoRKman responds:

Thanks! It was such a surprise for me

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