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yo i went like wait that first track is somewhat familiar and then i realized it was my unfinished jailbreak track hahaha.
love your detail to the drama in this animation. you can feel the emotions from the characters like youve never had before in madness combat. a nice little touch that made it interesting. keep it up!

Shadz64 responds:

yeah! i wanted to give that track a full purpose given it was unused officially atleast, and im glad my project was the one to use it.
and im glad you picked up all those small details! i put a gigantic amount of effort on emotion in this film
(also i was originally gonna ask you to finish the jailbreak track but I was too scared too haha)


bro half star... i cant tolerate such a view from someone whose literally watching porn on the same site 24/7. get yourself a damn review and not a shitpost. this. took months to make.

@Potke stellar work. one of the best pieces today <3

Potke responds:

Thank youuuu <3

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Extremely similar to other ones, but overall this is good

Easy game

What to say......................this is GoOoOoOOooOOoOOOoOoOod!

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imagine being on a trip after drinking a cocktail in space made out of alien plant juices woo

Dnb layer is wild haha. I really love that someone produced a milder form of it too, its a nice change. I really thought of a more refined drum and bass which kinda surprised me when i heard the more oldschooly drum pattern with more mid rangy tone. I dont hate it, i just really like the newer sound of liquid :D and i do respect your approach.

The vibe is really simple, but thats what makes your track good. Its mellow, groovy and the slight progression keeps you on listening. The detune on the pads adds a nice dreamy atmosphere. What i think it should be more improved is the sound design of the bass in the second section, it might sound a bit surprising and my thoughts are that if it had a shorter decay or a bit more colour, it could sound more glued together with the mix. Anyways it was fun listening to this!

ForgottenDawn responds:

Yeah, you love to see the variety in this layer! It pretty much becomes a way to introduce people subgenres they may have never heard of before. Goldie, Photek, Shifty, good stuff. Thanks for your feedback and review~

It really sucks to hear that you encountered hardware problems while making this. Its a total producers nightmare ;-; hopefully all will get sorted out asap.

Nothing much to review on this. The wet ambience with the dry synths is a nice contrast. I like the panning, but i wish the main elements could move more with some modulations on them ;)

Oh shit i love how many peps went for dnb in this layer. Everyone has its own personal approach to the genre. If i were to compare your submission then i think we have a lot in common on how we make synths.

The structure is very simple, but satisfying. It does sound that you made it in a short time span especially in the drop part. The progression could be much more variable and colorful, i also miss a bit more grease and mid distortion on them, but that is just an subjective point of view ;D However, i think the better category to focus on when producing tracks in a rush would be mix and master which you did an excellent job on. GOOD JOB!!!

WakerLink responds:

ayyy, glad you like it! And yeah, the progression is very barebones, especially considering how late I started (even though I rarely refine ideas very well), however it's worth noting that I experimented in this one a bit with sound design/arrangement principles that I don't really use (which I've been doing a lot recently, weirdly enough), so it's a bit of a new experience in that regard too. A bit surprised that the mix and master turned out well, because they were DEFINITELY the most rushed part, but if it works, it works

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This looks like an exact view on my city from a nearby hill wow. Except the view is pointing at north.
Used this as a template for AIM <3

your cityscapes make me want to live there

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :) I also kind of want to be there.

Jesus thats super detailed. Great work

Kamikaye responds:

Thx ! :)

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