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yo i went like wait that first track is somewhat familiar and then i realized it was my unfinished jailbreak track hahaha.
love your detail to the drama in this animation. you can feel the emotions from the characters like youve never had before in madness combat. a nice little touch that made it interesting. keep it up!

Shadz64 responds:

yeah! i wanted to give that track a full purpose given it was unused officially atleast, and im glad my project was the one to use it.
and im glad you picked up all those small details! i put a gigantic amount of effort on emotion in this film
(also i was originally gonna ask you to finish the jailbreak track but I was too scared too haha)


bro half star... i cant tolerate such a view from someone whose literally watching porn on the same site 24/7. get yourself a damn review and not a shitpost. this. took months to make.

@Potke stellar work. one of the best pieces today <3

Potke responds:

Thank youuuu <3

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Extremely similar to other ones, but overall this is good

Easy game

What to say......................this is GoOoOoOOooOOoOOOoOoOod!

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Massive Lapalux vibes from this track. The vibe is insane.

This an official NGADM review

A stunning piece from the start to finish. The entire composition resembles of a main theme soundtrack from some fantasy movie. The leitmotif is easy to remember and it really stands out from the composition and those "tempo mutations" you made on the melodies are really clever and they work outstandingly well.
I really wish the structure was more clear and progressive, but im just speaking from my personal perspective. The breakdown elements could be used more frequently in the chorus parts and so on... Otherwise I love the fact that you kept on adding more details to the composition.
As for the mixing, the brass instruments alongside with the flute rolls are a bit sharp around the 1-5khz area. Now, thats my main complaint. The ear is very sensitive at those areas and id reccomend to notch some resonances out in that areas. The width of the mix could be also bigger and I wish it had more movement. Im missing having those (on the other hand really epic) flute rolls more convoluted with reverb and effects. Might be an artistic preference though.
In short; apart from some details in the mixing and structure, I really much enjoyed the whole composition and I cant wait for more submissions like this one from you!

I wish you the best of luck in this contest.

This is an official NGADM review

What makes this piece jawdropping is how much passion and power youve put into a simple chord progression which is epic by itself. The atmosphere just hits the right spot and those vocals are the perfect pillars to build on.
I really wish this track was longer and had more movement, if I ignore the atmosphere and production, id call it very basic. The nice additions such as the toms rolls and the high melodies are neat but more contrast wouldnt hurt the arrangement.
The mix is alright. I really wish the toms and 4/4 kick were louder and fuller. It lacks impact in the low end drums which then badly transcribes to the overall feel of the composition. What I think is to tame the melodic instruments in order to make space for the drums.
Other than that, I think this one is really, really solid, but a bit underappreciated from your side. More time on this could make the piece even better.

I wish you good luck in this round!

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This looks like an exact view on my city from a nearby hill wow. Except the view is pointing at north.
Used this as a template for AIM <3

your cityscapes make me want to live there

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :) I also kind of want to be there.

Jesus thats super detailed. Great work

Kamikaye responds:

Thx ! :)

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