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Back again with some big things!

Posted by CryNN - October 21st, 2020

gosh really? another update? this guy has nothing better to do than just posting updates jesus

I got my lappy repaired and i started working on some huge plans YEAY. First of all i want to tell you that ill be no longer participating on new madness-themed collabs. Ill finish my work on ones that are work in progress (that means Jailbreak: FoH and the Black Berserk series.) That doesnt mean im gonna leave the madness community completely. I still have tons of fun plans with my music buddies and that counts our recent "MadnessFM Collection series" and other fun coop works ;)

I currently joined the Newgrounds Worst Song Contest (i hope ill win haha) and the Half-Life Collab. There will be a teaser showing some of the clips and it will include my track in it.

Solo-wise i have prepared huge things coming up. Firstly im gonna release my tracks for the collection. There are two different tracks. One is actually an acid tekno-techno track with alot of rave motives. Its nothing too special but i made it for just to experience some of the style for my upcoming album. So be prepared to hear more of these later ;) The second one is bit of a different go. Its more experimental than it should be. I got inspired from the old Elfire's tracks and it sounds pretty interesting. There may be a remix coming with it by @Demonicity .

As i mentioned before ill be making a techno album and it will contain atleast 8 tracks i hope. I dont have clear deadline for it but i should start working on it next week. It will be a bit different and it will contain some collaborations. On the first track ill be working with Vaya and i have quiet big expectations. We would aim for huge leads and alot of heavy pumping techno. The whole album will have faster tracks and will all rely on acid. It is a part of one of the "noble gas" albums amongst "Oganesson" and "Xenon". Not gonna spoil the name yet...

On the other side i will have another album released maybe this year under my "StyX" pseudonym. It seems i sticked to the good ol' electro house. It will be an EP but thats all i could really say.

So yeah this is the summary of my plans for this and next year. Heres a picture of my cute setup.iu_183409_6000887.jpg



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náhodou dobrý setup na to, že komp máš v oprave xD

už je opravenej :D


it be coming tho


he do be makin

Twl 700 fans, raz si z teba vezmem príklad :D

lol :D